Eco in the Picos (de Europa)- a wild place of limestone peaks, rare plants and animals

Our trekking holiday in the Picos de Europa in May 2016 is a foray into a mountainous region of wild natural beauty, an ancient landscape that is unique in Western Europe because of its rich variety of plant and bird species.

Geologically the Picos is also a special region with high, white limestone peaks, deep spectacular gorges and numerous abandoned mine trails.  Trails that now provide visiting walkers with the opportunity to experience this region`s wonderful landscapes and diverse plant and bird life.


Walking leaders will explain the botanical diversity of the Picos during the treks- some of the best of the region`s floral highlights are found on its alpine pastures and many areas of limestone pavement we will travel through.

Each May numerous dwarf daffodil species grow in profusion along with deep blue gentians, the variety of early summer orchids have to be seen to be believed, these include Bee, Man and Lizard Orchids. Colourful displays of Marsh and Common Spotted Orchids grow in profusion along the region`s streams and riverbanks. Another botanical highlight is the region`s unique Hiberno Cantabrian flora which includes species such as the beautiful St Daboec`s Heath, Irish Euphorbia and the Greater Butterwort.


Numerous unusual and interesting birds can be spotted on day walks through the Picos; these include distinctive Wallcreepers and Snowfinches. Raptors that can be seen flying above the alpine pastures include Griffon and Egyptian Vultures, Golden Eagles and Hen Harriers.  On the higher slopes Choughs, (an uncommon species in Ireland) can be observed.



The walking holiday takes place at a quiet time in the Picos, before the main tourist season. Don’t delay check out our booking page and avail of a 10% discount by booking in November.