Re-Wilding Ourselves

Issue 3 of the cool Freckle is on the streets, and we are chuffed to have an article in it….on re-wilding ourselves. What’s that about then?

Well here’s a bit of an excerpt for you. To get your hands on a copy go to a funky outlets like Little Acorns or get one on-line and read the rest, plus lots of great, real-life stories.

Oh, and special thanks to the amazing Joe Laverty for pics on our article.


“Gudday OIrish”….it is the end of my three research weeks in early 2013 in Aotearoa-New Zealand and I finally get a call from the guy I’d been chasing. “I only just found out you were OIrish mate otherwoise (my kiwi accent is bad I know) I wouldn’t have bothered…OI’m a McKenna from county Aormagh..”

Thus began my relationship with Dr Ihirangi Heke….As a Maori, his take on outdoor education provided the paradigm shift I had been looking for.

Now Ihi was in Ireland to address outdoor education professionals in a north-south seminar series……

….Just six months previously I’d been trying to make my way through the throngs of a tourism conference and bumped into a girl called Laura Lyons. Laura leads great guided walks called The Long Way Round in Loop Head and we got on to chatting about the therapeutic effect of walking in the wilds.


I’d often noticed myself how customers at Far and Wild tended to get a whole lot off their chest when on a hike, and I guessed Laura had been noticing the same phenomenon.

Far and Wild was started from a similar premise- that outdoor activities had a very personal value- different for everyone who takes part. We began to understand early on as we worked with everyone from tiny kids up that we, as instructors, are not the game-changers. It is the outdoors itself, the natural world is a simple therapist- the maker-whole-again- and folk just need to spend time in it…..




So I hope that has whetted your appetite and you will have your first discovery with Freckle, if you haven’t come across it already!