Cycle To Health on a Holiday in Holland

Our Holland Cycling Holiday is a 7 day Tour through the heart of Holland. Starting in Amsterdam, the tour provides a varied and colourful itinerary over comfortable distances during the week-long trip.

With 6 days in the saddle, and one for settling in and orientation, this activity holiday provides something different every day. Cycling through the wooded Nature Reserves along the beautiful dutch coastline, visiting the best spots for speciality snacks (like Apple Pie in Cafe Winkel 43) in the old city of Amsterdam, tilting at windmills and historic settlements in the prosaic countryside, exploring Van Gogh’s paintings- this Tour has something for all keen amateur cyclists.

The Tour is offered ‘on the ground’ from Schipol Airport in Amsterdam which means you book your return flight and we pick you up in Schipol. Led by an Irish guide supported by local businesses, our 2018 Cycle Holland Tour will present you with an opportunity to take in a wide variety of sights and flavours of the Netherlands on our daily cycle.

Varied Cycle Routes with something for everyone

We will vary the week between cycle routes around Amsterdam City itself and outside the city into the countryside, to allow for everyone to fully enjoy the cycling without feeling over-exerted. Cycling is part of the culture in the Netherlands, and facilities are made for cyclists, in particular the road system. Much of our route will be on dedicated cycle paths which are separated from the road infrastructure. We will offer a cycle orientation on our first day to bring tour participants up to speed with cycling culture in Holland.

A relaxing activity holiday, this Tour is ideal for single people or couples of all ages, or families with children over 14 years old. There are opportunities to create your own itinerary on specific days if you wish to go a bit further, or not as far, as the Tour group.

If you have any question about this tour please let us know, we will reply you as soon as possible.

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