Go on, Stretch Yourself with SUP Yoga!

SUP Yoga is a growing outdoor activity.  Many wish to get in touch with the natural elements like moving water and fresh air. They see SUP Yoga as a way to aid relaxation.

Far and Wild have been leading SUP Tours on the River Foyle since 2016. The company has opened  a new way of experiencing the city with this guided tour. As a Slow Adventure experience, SUP is a relaxing and accessible way to spend time outdoors.

We simply can’t wait for the Foyle Maritime Festival! We are looking forward to a great opportunity to celebrate our Blue-way in a safe and exciting way!

Our SUP Yoga sessions will be a landmark series of bite-size experiences- a first for the Foyle River. Having broken the mould by introducing a Stand Up Paddle Board tour to the city (City SUP), we are streeetching the boundaries again to get more people motivated to use our wonderful river safely for positive health.

Each taster session lasts 45 mins from top to tail (approx 30mins on the water). The session will include a simple introduction to a series of easy-to-learn Yoga postures on dry land. Then you will take to the water under the direction of our qualified instructor as well as our Yoga guru.

Using the sheltered area of water around the marina, your session will introduce you to how to safely paddle and manoeuvre a Stand Up Paddle Board. When you have got used to paddling your board, we will move on to putting some (yoga) moves in on the Board itself!

Yoga has been proven internationally as beneficial for your health and well-being for people of all ages and abilities. If you would like to see some of the easy postures we may start with, check out the Yoga Journal. Likewise, Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) is an easy introduction to water-sports, as the SUP provides a stable and easy to manoeuvre craft for beginners.

This SUP Yoga session is suitable for adults or older children (>16yrs) accompanied on the water by a parent or guardian. This activity has been delivered with the support of the Loughs Agency – developing the potential of the Foyle. Please do not book if you are not going to take up the place as we want all tours to be full and as many people as possible enjoy this great experience.

Tour bookings are limited to 2 places per booking.





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