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The Wild Atlantic Salmon Kayak Tour is a new product for 2016, in conjunction with our Wild Atlantic Kayak Guide- a definitive kayak guide to four great kayak tours in the 100km catchment.

Choose a tour that suits your ability and interest to explore some of the most hidden and beautiful parts of this great river system. Take a ‘slow’ adventure on our stable and relaxing boats and lunch-out on local produce in our river-side hamper!

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 The Foyle is intimately linked to the story of the ancient salmon, which is a Irish myth about gaining insight and knowledge from nature. In ancient times Ireland was a riverine culture- transport, communication, civilisation and conquest all took place via water-based craft along the coastline and inland waterways of the entire island.

The North West was no exception and the Foyle provided the passageway for civilisation, christian-isation and conquest – to navigate the region. Underneath our recent history remains the ancient myths and beliefs which didn’t go away and remain hidden in the names given to our landscape.

So try an adventure on one of the biggest river systems in the country- learn how to paddle in your family or with your friends- discover the sense of fun and thrill of exploring new places, or visiting places you know and seeing them with new eyes.

Led by qualified and experienced guides, our Wild Atlantic Salmon kayak tours take place in various locations in Tyrone, Derry and Donegal along the river system, visiting historical gems and hidden corners of the countryside.

Discover the living traditions of the river and its communities on a Wild Atlantic Salmon kayak tour and feel transformed!

If you have any question about this tour please let us know, we will reply you as soon as possible.

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