Far & Wild is part of a worldwide movement of leading outdoor organizations developing the frontiers of environmental learning. What does that mean, based in the heart of North West of Ireland? Here, local people and visitors to our shores gather to learn how outdoor adventure experiences can change your daily life. This means asking how values need to change to support our planet long-term. Our outdoor instructors and ecologists expose you to our specific Irish cultural experience, and how our time spent in nature with you can have a lasting value.


What are our origins as an island people and why is nature so central to our identity? Why does Ireland’s natural beauty remain central to the visitor experience?

We believe that learning to live sustainably in modern times is linked to the best of our traditions that remain alive and kicking today. Embracing the outdoors as part of everyday life: relishing the sunshine when it comes; refreshing ourselves in the rain. Far and Wild will launch you into that authentic exploration.

We subscribe to Leave No Trace principles. We advocate for the preservation of our countryside for quality tourism and the benefits to local health. We promote a 5 step environmental code for outdoor practitioners:

  1. Protect wild areas by preserving and respecting wildlife
  2. Recycle waste on all tours
  3. Buy supplies and services locally
  4. Share travel to be more carbon neutral
  5. Publicise our living ecological heritage


Across everything we do, we aim to do it exceptionally well, reaching nationally and internationally among our customers and to colleagues who are equally inspired by nature and passionately motivated to preserve it.

The place we work in the North West of Ireland is an historically diverse habitat- it supports communities who respect its uniqueness- and we want everyone to experience its hidden corners, kind people and wild freshness.

To keep doing so we are part of a broad community seeking to preserve it, understand its traditions and seek modern-day solutions to provide employment and enjoyment that is sustainable and respectful of nature.

We have won Awards for our tours that bring communities together like Cycle Sperrins, to celebrate our passion for local attractions and habitats.



Whatever your needs are, we do our utmost to help you enjoy your activity fully- from equipment needs to information, personal support and training.

The exciting benefits of outdoor adventures now cross physical, emotional, economic, geographical and cultural barriers.

We seek experiences working with disabled people, socially marginalised young people, people recovering from the effects of conflict, people seeking better mental health, and those traditionally excluded from adventure sport for example due to gender.

Particularly welcome are visitors from other cultures who come to Ireland to explore and enjoy the richness of our cultural heritage. We are a member of Irish Association for Adventure Tourism and it is our privilege to help  you find the best experience that celebrates our oldest traditions such as sea-faring, music and folklore.

We are committed to...

We will bring you on an insightful tailored experience, celebrating the natural world around us and helping achieve sustainable adventure and eco-tourism in the North West of Ireland


Lorcan McBride Director