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On our Giant’s Causeway Coast Kayak Tour we introduce you to one of the most powerful places on the island of Ireland. The proximity of the north coast of Antrim to the Scottish islands defines its character and history. We take you on an epic kayak journey to experience this first hand- under your own stream and in touch with the natural elements every step of the way.

The human footprint is apparent everywhere on the coastal area- from before the Bronze age to more modern times. However it is the natural heritage of sea birds, aquatic mammals and marine culture that defines this place. Underneath everything, the geology of this most recent of Ireland’s rock- volcanic Basalt.

Ireland is simply ideal for sea kayaking. It offers the opportunity to get close to places otherwise inaccessible by foot. Our tours offer 4 different routes on the Giants Causeway coast for different abilities and to accommodate the weather and sea forecast on any given day. Your Giant’s Causeway coast kayak tour will be tailored to suit your itinerary and experience.

This tour is best suited to those who have kayaked before, and perhaps sea-kayaked once or twice. You will be in a stable double sea kayak, unless you request a single kayak and have had some prior experience. On any of the routes we offer you will see the distinguishing features that make the Causeway Coast what it is- the geological footprint, signs of early settlement and aquatic sea-life.

Giant’s Causeway coastline is undoubtedly one of the most popular tourism locations in Ireland. Spending a half a day exploring the area surrounding the Causeway is a fulfilling and fascinating experience. Sea caves and smugglers coves are only some of the quirks of this amazing place.

Escorted by our qualified and experienced guides, your tour will last approximately 4 hours from your arrival to departure. The dynamic nature of the coastline makes it more challenging than other locations- but the rewards are obvious.. If you book this tour, please consider if you are booking the right experience for your interests and kayaking ability- check with us if you are unsure.

As one of our premium tours it is perfect for those will some prior kayaking experience who want to deepen their knowledge of the myriad of heritage influences that make up the amazing Causeway Coast.

Lorcan McBride


I have been making the outdoors both my work and passion for over 10 years now- and every activity brings new people, new places, and new discoveries. What keeps me smiling is discovering the depth of Ireland’s natural heritage- and how people take to it so positively. I have been working with community leaders in Aotearoa/New Zealand for years to understand our own indigenous identity.

Darren Thompson

Adventure Guide

Born in the city, Darren spent 12 years working in Scotland leading water and land based expeditions. Living in Inishowen since 2018, he is happiest when rock-climbing and kayaking around our beautiful coast-line

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