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The Real Game of Thrones Star Trek is a guided Stargazing adventure that takes you into the wonder and awe that is the night-time sky in Ireland at a significant historic site (which may also happen to be Game of Thrones location).

Having gained an international reputation as an aurora-watching location, Ireland – particularly the Sperrin Mountains in the North West – has unlimited potential in terms of dark skies to provide for an unparalleled night hiking experience.

It also is the home of many Games of Thrones episodes. However the historical events that have taken place in the area far outshine the level of drama in the TV series.

Our Real Game of Thrones Star treks are guided experiences which will take you to locations where dramatic battles were fought, fates of nations decided and history of civilisations has been decided. The key is an experience of the location that brings it to life under a night sky.

An incredible experience all-round, our Star Treks happen at times of maximum stellar activity such as meteor showers. Led by an experienced guide who ensured your comfort and safety during the trek, plus a cup of hot chocolate to keep the experience a warm one!

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