Far & Wild is building the world’s leading outdoor experience organization in the heart of North West Ireland where local and international citizens gather to learn from wilderness and make a marked change in their own lives. From small beginnings as a group of outdoor instructors seeking to re-invent the envelope of outdoor learning, we discover and implement best practice- looking at indigenous values- and drawing on active learning as ecologists and coaches spending time in nature with people.


Discovering our roots as an island people, understanding of our ‘fit’ with nature and delivering this value to our clients are cornerstones of our way of doing things.

Our adventures reveal the underlying textures of the way people live and have lived on an island- weathering the hard times and relishing the good. Far and Wild scrubs back the crust to get to the heart of what makes great exploration.

To do it right you also need principles. We subscribe to Leave No Trace principles, and advocate our own 5 step code for outdoor practitioners:

Protect wild areas by preserving and respecting wildlife- Zero impact waste on tours- Buy our supplies and services locally- Maximise our carbon neutral travel- Share our successes


Across everything we do, we aim to do it exceptionally well, reaching nationally and internationally among our customers and to colleagues who are equally inspired by nature and passionately motivated to preserve it.

We work with young people of all backgrounds including through An Gaisce and Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, to bring this passion for nature into focus early in life.

The place we work in the North West of Ireland is a stunningly diverse habitat- it supports communities who respect its uniqueness- and we want everyone to experience its hidden corners, kind people and wild freshness.

To keep doing so we are part of a broad community seeking to preserve it, understand its traditions and seek modern-day solutions to provide employment and enjoyment that is supportive of nature.


Whatever your needs are, we will do our utmost to help you enjoy our activities fully- from equipment needs to personal training and support.

No longer the preserve of a few, the tangible benefits of outdoor adventures cross physical, emotional, economic, geographical and cultural barriers.

Our experience working with disabled people, with socially marginalised young people, with those fleeing or recovering from conflict, with those seeking better mental health, continues to be our most engaging and fulfilling work.

We are committed to...

…bringing you on an insightful experience tailored to you, celebrating the natural world around us and helping achieve sustainable adventure and eco-tourism in the North West of Ireland