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Boom Board Tours is a team up with Walled City Brewery- a new slow adventure experience which is a first for Derry-Londonderry and Ireland.

Introducing the Hawaiian longboard to the tourism offering in the city, the 2 hour tour starts with a lesson in St Columb’s Park. Then it takes you to the streets and winds up at the famous Walled City Brewery in Ebrington Square.

Long-boarding started in Hawaii when there were no waves in the ocean. Surfers took to the streets on boards with wheels, and other locals then got involved too! In Derry, where streets are pure smooth, the tour opens up a new vista on the city and a fresh take on a guided tour of the city.

Longboards provide a smooth and stable experience- and lots of fun no matter what level you are at. Teenagers in particular get a lot out of the experience. It is not only immensely fulfilling, but a street-based skill that mimics surfing a wave.

A Boom Board Tour can finish with a visit to the Walled City Brewery restaurant and the opportunity to sample the newest of local brews coming out of the micro-distillery or a non-alcoholic drink of your choice!

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Lorcan McBride


I have been making the outdoors both my work and passion for over 10 years now- and every activity brings new people, new places, and new discoveries. What keeps me smiling is discovering the depth of Ireland’s natural heritage- and how people take to it so positively. I have been working with community leaders in Aotearoa/New Zealand for years to understand our own indigenous identity.

Darragh Graham

Skate Guide

I’m Darragh, named after the oak, or Doire in Irish, and I love longboarding and nature. I have a passion for teaching and social justice. Whether working 1-1 or with a large group, I’m always up for a new adventure with new people!

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