Blades in the City

From: £20 to £80 

Blades in the City is a new city tour for 2020/21 and brings you on a whizz through the historic city of Derry on a pair of in-line skates. What’s not to like! From absolute beginner and fully padded up, you can learn the skills and shoot off to practice at our absorbing local heritage sites. 

Starting in St Columb’s Park, this 2 hour tour comprises a 40 minute lesson in safe skating, followed by a gentle tour along the city’s greenway to take in the sights and legends. Led by our competent and skilled skate guide, this tour caters for all levels although any prior experience skating is of course a great advantage!

We understand that the skating we all learned as kids needs an upgrade to make us comfortable as adults cruising around the urban area. We try to do this in as fun and informative a way as possible. Every tour is tailored to your learning style to produce the right balance of skill learning and skating.

So lace up those boots, grab a friend and get ready for some mile-a-minute laughs and the most talked about new city tour in 2020.

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Lorcan McBride


I have been making the outdoors both my work and passion for over 10 years now- and every activity brings new people, new places, and new discoveries. What keeps me smiling is discovering the depth of Ireland’s natural heritage- and how people take to it so positively. I have been working with community leaders in Aotearoa/New Zealand for years to understand our own indigenous identity.

Michelle McLaughlin

Adventure Guide

Hiya I’m Michelle. I’ve been coaching Outdoor Education for over 30 years. As well as teaching I avidly do Outdoor Pursuits for my hobbies. It’s an amazing feeling empowering people to get out of their comfort zone and find a buzz that will stay with them for a long time

Darragh Graham

Skate Guide

I’m Darragh, named after the oak, or Doire in Irish, and I love longboarding and nature. I have a passion for teaching and social justice. Whether working 1-1 or with a large group, I’m always up for a new adventure with new people!

Caoimhin Grumley

Adventure Guide

Hi I’m Caoimhin, PE teacher & Sports Lecturer, currently looking after student well being and physical activity at our local university. I look forward to welcoming you to Far and Wild activities!

From: £20 to £80 


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