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Scoot- Tour…What’s in a Name?

Scoot-Tour is the newest, and only Scooter Tour in the North-West, and probably far beyond! This tour is a zip through the woodland park and into the city-scape, as our BMX Scooters can go anywhere! Easy to handle and double the fun of a bike, Scoot-Tour is for anyone who wants to add a dash of excitement to their day!

This city tour with a difference brings you past the most iconic sights along the River Foyle and the Walled City. Led by one of our local guides, with the inside take on many of the stories and goings-on, you will be fully up to date with the craic after this tour!

Check our picture gallery- BMX Scooters are large-wheeled scooters that can take on kerbs, off-road trails and pavements equally well. They are easily handled and have a front and back break- so provide a convenient to stop when need be. They provide a good work-out as well as being the ideal hop-on/hop-off piece of gear that allows you to stroll or move quicker through the city.





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Lorcan McBride


I have been making the outdoors both my work and passion for over 10 years now- and every activity brings new people, new places, and new discoveries. What keeps me smiling is discovering the depth of Ireland’s natural heritage- and how people take to it so positively. I have been working with community leaders in Aotearoa/New Zealand for years to understand our own indigenous identity.

Darren Thompson

Adventure Guide

Born in the city, Darren spent 12 years working in Scotland leading water and land based expeditions. Living in Inishowen since 2018, he is happiest when rock-climbing and kayaking around our beautiful coast-line

Michelle McLaughlin

Adventure Guide

Hiya I’m Michelle. I’ve been coaching Outdoor Education for over 30 years. As well as teaching I avidly do Outdoor Pursuits for my hobbies. It’s an amazing feeling empowering people to get out of their comfort zone and find a buzz that will stay with them for a long time

Darragh Graham

Skate Guide

I’m Darragh, named after the oak, or Doire in Irish, and I love longboarding and nature. I have a passion for teaching and social justice. Whether working 1-1 or with a large group, I’m always up for a new adventure with new people!

Caoimhin Grumley

Adventure Guide

Hi I’m Caoimhin, PE teacher & Sports Lecturer, currently looking after student well being and physical activity at our local university. I look forward to welcoming you to Far and Wild activities!

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