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A Wild Coastal Immersion

Walking the Edge- a Wild Coastal Immersion is our Coastal Walking tour and rare opportunity to have the insider’s view of life in this unique coastal habitat on the extreme edge of Europe. Stories of seafaring, legendary conflict and survival intertwine with the dramatic coastline and a wealth of marine life which resides peacefully there.

This tour takes place on either the coastal margins of NW Donegal with a view of the Atlantic seaboard and lasts  4hrs. This  dramatic and magical coastline contains coastal communities with a resident population who speak Irish, or Gaeilge, with a long and vibrant lineage stretching back to ancient times.

This Coastal Tour is guided by Aodh or Hugh, a native Irish speaker resident in Rann na Feirste (Ranafast) and teacher and can be taken in the Irish or English language.

We also offer a Tory Island Tour version of this tour, bookable on a different page, here:

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Aodh Mac Gairbheá

“Is áit draoíchtach fíor-álainn é Oiléan Thoraí”, deireann Aodh as Rann na Feinste.

Is as Rann na Feirste Aodh Mac Gairbheá agus tá sé ina chónaí ansin lena bhean chéile agus a chuid páistí. Is ceantar Gaeltachta é Rann na Feirste áit a bhfuil an Ghaeilge a labhairt go laethiúl ann agus is mór an ghrá atá aige dá theanga dhúchais.

Bíonn Aodh ag teagasc na Gaeilge sa mhéan scoil ar Oileán Thoraí. Tá suim faoi leith aige i dteanga, gcultúr, stair agus miotaseolaíocht an oileáin.

Hugh McGarvey

“Tory Island is an amazingly beautiful and magical place”, says Hugh McGarvey from Ranafast.

Ranafast is in a Gaelteacht area where Irish is spoken daily. Hugh lives there with his family and has a great love of his native tongue. He currently teaches in the secondary school on Tory Island and has a particular interest in the language, culture, history and mythology of the island.

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