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Small & Beautiful Walking Tours

Our historic walking tours of the City offer a new perspective on the landscape and heritage of the people and place that make up this small corner of the world. The city and civilisation along the Foyle River is unique- yet offers a story of place familiar to many. A crucible of influences dating back beyond glaciation of the northern part of Ireland, the modern day sees a vibrant little city with a global reach.

Visitors report its friendliness and manageable size- yet what factors led to the way the bend in a river was populated over centuries not just by people, but by our earliest ancestors, the salmon, the oak and the dove?

No other walking tour offers the perspective that situates place within an indigenous story, comprising legend and epic adventure, wrapping around the everyday and mundane. The story of place in this place is small and sparkling, and will make you transform the way you look upon our world.


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Liam Campbell

Environmental Anthropologist

Hello! I’m a native of Inishowen and a Heritage Officer at Lough Neagh- our biggest inland freshwater lake. I’ve published and lectured widely on heritage and environmental issues in Ireland and internationally. My Ph.D. is in environmental anthropology and I love getting to see this in action outdoors.

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