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Experience Life beneath the Sea in a guided Snorkel Tour

Have you ever wondered about the life beneath or seas and oceans? Our Life Beneath the Sea Snorkel tours are an amazing immersive experience into a world little known.

This tour is an opportunity to re-define your relationship with all things under-water. The richness of plant and animal life in coastal Ireland is little understood. The island has a deep relationship with marine life along its entire coast, especially its Atlantic sea-board. It is little explored, and less well understood.

On this tour your guide will accompany you to a coastal location in the North West of Ireland, in a group of maximum 6 people. You will be equipped with mask, snorkel, fins and wetsuit and taught some simple breathing techniques to put you at your comfort and ease in the water. The locations we use are all pre-inspected and are within safe swimming zones.

You should expect to see the wealth of plant (seaweed) life under the water from kelp forests to sea spaghetti to pulse and many others of the over 100 varieties along our coastline. There are a variety of shellfish and crustaceans, as well as fish of all sizes.

Our guided tours operate within WISE principles of marine and wildlife ethics and are sensitive to underwater life. Far and Wild partners with Mossy Earth on reforestation and will be offering a seaweed (kelp) forest reforestation product soon.

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Lorcan McBride


I have been making the outdoors both my work and passion for over 10 years now- and every activity brings new people, new places, and new discoveries. What keeps me smiling is discovering the depth of Ireland’s natural heritage- and how people take to it so positively. I have been working with community leaders in Aotearoa/New Zealand for years to understand our own indigenous identity.

Zoe Ramsey

SUP Yoga Instructor & Dancer

Hi, I’m Zoe . Although my main job is to perform and teach dance, I also really enjoy all things outdoors from waterspouts to hiking. My dance practice also really helps when teaching SUP Yoga.

Helen Henderson

Snorkelling Guide

Hello, I’m Helen. I have a passion for being in the water and there isn’t a week goes by that I’m not sea swimming. I also have a natural curiosity about my surroundings and love going beneath the surface of the water to discover the colours and creatures that call it home.

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